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Aida Reminder     
Aida Wake-Up Alarm
Aida Wake-Up Alarm
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Pill Reminder
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Birth Control
Reminders 2.1 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Reminder with Calendar and Voice Reminders is a powerful reminder app, you can easily set up all kind of reminders. Use your own voice recordings or pick a song from your music library and set it as the reminder sound. They will play when the reminder is due (Available on iOS 9 and later).

Reminders are fully configurable: Pre-Alarms, Auto-Snooze, Snooze, Reschedule, Custom Messages, Custom Sounds, Custom Images, Notes and More. Practically any type of reminder can be set.
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Repeat throughout the day
  • Repeat every X minutes (Every 20 mins, Every 90 mins)
  • Repeat every X hours (Every hour, Every 4 hours)
  • Repeat at specific times (9:15, 10:30, 11:50)
  • Repeat every X days (Every day, Every 3 days)
  • Repeat on selected days of the week (Repeat only on Mondays and Fridays)
  • Repeat on weekdays, weekends
  • Repeat every X weeks (Every week, Every 2 weeks)
  • Repeat on selected days of the month (Repeat on the 15th and the 30th)
  • Repeat every first Monday of the month
  • Repeat every last Friday of the month
  • Repeat every year (Birthdays, Anniversaries)
  • Repeat daily for 21 days and then take 7 days off (Birth Control)
  • Repeat for 3 consecutive days and then take 2 days off
  • Set a reminder at a specific date and time
Wake-Up Alarm
  • Wake up at 8:00 on weekdays
  • Wake up at 9:00 on weekends
Main Features
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • Use your own voice as the reminder sound. It will play when the reminder is due (Available on iOS 9 and later)
  • Pick a song from your music library and set it as the reminder sound (Available on iOS 9 and later)
  • The Auto-Snooze feature allows to repeat the alarm up to 5 times at regular intervals (e.g. 1 min, 10 mins, 30 mins) until you take action
  • Snooze a reminder or mark it as "Done" directly from the lock screen or notification banner
  • Pre-Alarms: Get an alarm prior to the actual due date
  • Add images or photos to each reminder for easy identification
  • Reschedule reminders to a new time and date in the future
  • It has a calendar to show all reminders by month
  • Easy one tap to turn individual reminders on or off
  • Option to pause all reminders when you don't want to be disturbed
  • Backup and restore reminders on the same device or multiple devices
  • More than 80 built-in images
  • 30 built-in alarm sounds
  • Full VoiceOver accessibility support
  • No internet connection required
  • App doesn't need to be open to receive notifications
  • Universal App, full native support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Free Version
  • In the free version you can only add up to 3 reminders
  • Full version with unlimited reminders is available as an In-App Purchase
System Requirements
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later
  • Size: 30.0 MB
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